About Smart Educatiin Group

About us

SMART EDUCATION GROUP — a team of professionals, which are in educational business. SMART EDUCATION GROUP – is officially licensed company by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, dealing with student recruitment for Ukrainian Universities. SMART EDUCATION GROUP cooperates with the major universities of Ukraine. SMART EDUCATION GROUP is a leader in getting admission for international students for Study in Ukraine.

Our main goal is to provide the possibility for a quality European education for foreign students. SMART EDUCATION GROUP does its best to ensure that nothing can prevent the achievement of a dream without any fear.

We will help you achieve your education and career goals, while exceeding your expectations. With ue, you will learn everything you need to know about studying and living in Ukraine.

We offer an excellent education at the best Ukrainian Universities of high quality teaching with affordable price . You will achieve the dream of becoming a specialist in your chosen field.


The SEG Agency is dedicated to enriching the lives of international students by providing top notch services, giving them the opportunity to successfully reach their education goals.


Help students to open doors to a global community through education.

Core Values

We exhibit a strong will to help in every aspect of our interaction with the client.

We believe that the expertise, knowledge and proactive approach of education consultants are critical to student’s success.

Strong partnership with educational institutions, parents and students are the key to achieving everyone’s goal.

We strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in all our actions.

We strive for excellence in every interaction with families, students and partners.